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Residential, Commercial & Agricultural Water Harvesting Systems.

The Design, Installation & Servicing of Water Harvesting Systems in Cape Town

When it comes to the capturing and storing of any and all water sources on your property. You are surely going to want the best. That’s why we recommend, you give us a call here at Cape Town Water Harvesting for all your water storage needs.

Over the recent years, Cape Town has experienced one of the worst droughts in the Cape’s history. So it is crucial that we save as much water as possible. One of the best ways we can do that is by capturing and storing water from a borehole, well-point or the natural rainfall that lands on our roof or on your property and this is our expertise. We at Cape Town Water Harvesting specialize in all water storage and harvesting techniques. Our highly-trained, friendly and well-equipped teams are here to assist you in any queries, services or installations that you may require.

Rain Water Harvesting Systems

When it comes to rainwater harvesting. Our goal is to save as much water as we can. We do that by catching the rainwater that flows off the roof. Once the rains fall, the water flows into the gutters and down pipes, and in turn, flows into water storage tanks.

Don’t have a storage tank? Don’t worry! We can supply and install one for you. 

Borehole and Well-point Water Harvesting Systems 

Although the water from a well-point or a borehole may be stored in the same way as rainwater off the roof. The borehole or well-point harvesting system is different. In order for the water to be extracted from the source, a pump is needed to pump the water into storage tanks.

Although both water sources are found below the ground. A well-point is a pipe that is installed into the porous soil structure. The source is fairly shallow below the ground and the depth is normally between 5 and 15 metres deep. Whereas, a borehole is a long shaft that has been drilled deep into the ground.

The borehole water is drawn up by a pump and fed into the water storage tank and then onto the filters for domestic or commercial use.

Rain Water Harvesting

Reasons Why You Should Choose Cape Town Water Harvesting

Although water harvesting is a worth-while and cost-effective investment, it can often lead to unnecessary expenses if not done correctly. We at Cape Town Water harvesting are confident that our expert teams will be ready to assist you and provide answers and any information that you may need. Call us on 060 886 2970 for all your water harvesting needs or to have one of our team come out to your property for a FREE inspection and quote, contact us here.

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