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Damp-Proofing Specialists In Cape Town

Rising & Penetrating Damp-Proofing for Residential & Commercial Properties. 

At Cape Town Damp-proofing, one of our main priorities is the prevention and removal of damp on your property. Our highly trained and professional teams are ready to assist you, they are fully capable and well equipped in order to identify the different types of damp and provide the best information in order to remove and cure any damp issues that have been detected.

Damp is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building. It can often be caused by internal sources, such as condensation or from external sources, such as rising damp or lateral damp. This unwanted moisture can often produce growths of various molds and fungi that can be harmful towards one’s health. Damp may even cause paint and plaster to deteriorate. Air bubbles may form around infected areas and skirting boards will decay.

Rising Damp

Rising damp in Cape Town is caused by the elevation of moisture within the walls of a building. It is a movement driven by capillary action. A process by which liquids move through small spaces, without the limitations of gravity. This moisture, which is often groundwater, contains high concentration levels of dissolved salts. When the groundwater subsides due to weather conditions, a salt residue remains behind and magnifies the damp problem even further.

Our team of damp experts have been trained to implement the best rising damp strategies. Firstly we remove the wall plaster approximately 1.2 meters off the foundation level. A hole is then drilled 120mm deep along the mortar T’s inside the infected area. A chemical damp agent is then injected fully into the drilled holes. In which we then apply a base damp proofing product and plaster is then re-applied.

This method is the most effective when it comes to the prevention of rising damp. The damp agent prevents any water from rising up the capillaries in into the walls. The newly plastered walls remain dry, because of the chemical additive that was mixed into the cement at the time of plastering.

rising damp Cape Town

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp in Cape Town is the result of water infiltration from the outside to the inside of a building. It can be caused by excessive water issues, such as flooding, leaking water taps or the lack of waterproofing to the building. Penetrating damp is a serious issue that can affect any structure that contains absorbable material such as brick or stone. The objective of removing penetrating damp is to firstly identify the source of the water that is entering into the building, and then by removing it. Once the source of the water has been blocked, we can then look at fixing the damage, caused by the penetrating damp that may include issues such as wet or dry rot.

Our team of damp-proofing specialists in Cape Town, implement a penetrating damp strategy, by removing the plaster from the affected areas. 2-part damp-proofing formula is applied to the infected wall, and the area is then re-plastered with a damp-proofing agent that has been added into the plastering cement.

Penetrating Damp

Damp proofing detection and removable:

There are many signs, that an area has been affected with damp. Just a few to name them; a musty damp smell, a mold forming on the walls, blistering and peeling off paint, discolouration of plaster and dark or wet patch forming on the walls.

Due to the fact that identifying the correct type of damp can often be very difficult, it is important that you contact Cape Town Damp-proofing at your earliest convenience. Which enables our team of damp-proofing specialist, to make a diagnosis on the specific type of damp, and apply the correct method for the removal and curing of the damp issues. Click Here for a FREE inspection & quote.

If you are unsure about your infected area or wish to remove the damp as soon as possible. Then give us a call on 060 886 2970. And one of our friendly damp-proofing specialist will gladly assist you. Click Here for any assistance with Water Harvesting

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