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Water Filtration Specialist Cape Town

The sampling and designing & Installations of all water filtration systems for Residential & Commercial Properties in Cape Town

Cape Town Water filtration is here to help all potential and present clients with any queries, questions or information that is needed when it comes to the recommendation, design and installation of all water filtration systems. Whether it be the water coming from a borehole, wellpoint, or storage tank. Our team will design and install a water filter system that is specific to all your needs.

Water Analysis.

We offer a whole host of services for your benefit, starting with a water analysis in which we take a sample of your water to a local laboratory, in which they test for a whole range of bacteria, metals or chemical elements found in the water. Elements such as iron, chlorine, manganese, or even lime, are commonly found in underground water. However due to the fact that each aquifer (an underground permeable rock, that contains water) is different. Each of water result will be different.

Water filtration systems designs and installations

Due to each water source being different and may contain different chemical elements, and possibly each water filtration system will vary. Once we have received a copy of the water analysis. Our technical team will design a water filtration system to meet the needs of your requirements.

Once we have satisfied your requirements, our friendly and well-trained installation team, will head over to your property and install and commission your filtration system. After a period of time, we encourage the client to have the water analysed to see if the design results have been achieved.

Types of Filters

Due to the fact that most filter systems have been designed for specific needs. We have different filter options at our disposable:

  • RO (reverse osmosis), the removal of all metal contaminants from water, inclusive of salts and aromas.

  • UV (ultraviolet), which removes any bacteria’s or viruses.

  • UF (ultrafiltration) which is a type of membrane filtration. It removes most suspended solids from the water.

  • Birm filtration removes iron and manganese compounds from the water.

  • Calcite administrator, which is used to neutralise acidic or low pH levels in the water.

  • Carbon Filter, which removes chlorine, sediments, volatile organic compounds, odours, tastes from the water.

Water Filtration Specialist Cape Town

Reasons Why You Should Choose Cape Town Water Filtration

When it comes to the design and installing of your filter systems, you want a company you can trust to provide you with the best information. We at Cape Town Water Filtration, are confident that our fully-capable, well-equipped and super friendly staff, are ready to assist you and provide you with the very best information when it comes to all your water filtration needs. For more information about our water filtration services give us a call on 060 886 2970. Or contact us for FREE inspection and quotation

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